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University Archives: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Archives?
The Archives is located on the second floor, by the main staircase landing.

What are the hours of the Archives?
The Archives does not have set hours.  Instead, we prefer you make an appointment to visit.

Can I have food/drinks in the Archives?
No, neither food nor drinks are permitted in the Archives.

Can I take out archival materials?
No, all materials are for in-house use only and may not leave the Archives.  We would be happy to digitize or copy any non-sensitive materials you might want.

If I am not in the area, how can I conduct my research?
You may request materials over the phone or via email, and we will do our best to digitize the items you need.

How do I donate items to the Archives?
Fill out the Deed of Gift form located on the "Forms and Policies" page of this guide and submit it with the materials you are sending to the Archives.  If you are unsure about donating or want your items appraised by the archivist, contact a library staff member to set up a meeting.