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students in front of press room doorStudent Organizations at Caldwell

Student organizations have always been an important part of life at Caldwell. Some have come and gone, while others are still going strong today. This exhibit takes a look at some of the notable student organizations from Caldwell’s early years. 

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Past Online Exhibits

Current Exhibit

On display now in the Jennings Library:

Celebrating Sister Vivien Jennings, O.P.

Photographs, memorabilia and selected writings of Sister Vivien can be seen along the library ramp as well as in the display case in the library lobby.

Past Exhibits

2017: "The Melody of Our Carefree Days": Caldwell in the 1940s

September 2016: "A Whirlpool of Excitement:" Fall Traditions on Campus, 1942-1992

April 2016: "Our Lovely Queen of May": Spring Festivals at Caldwell, 1943-1966

March 2016: "God Will Bless the College": The Founding of Caldwell

February 2016: Entertainment on the Hill: Performances at Caldwell College in the 1970s and 1980s

December 2015: "Community Celebrations Crown Caldwell Christmastide": Christmas Traditions at Caldwell

October 2015: "Let's Make it Our War, Too": Caldwell College During WWII

September 2015: "Dear Freshman": Advice Given to Incoming Students Over the Decades

March 2015: Founder's Day Exhibit

September 2014: "The College on the Hill" Exhibition and Alumni Memorabilia Display