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Using the Library: Computers, printers, & other technology

Can I print in the library?

Yes, printing is free for current students and faculty!  Printers are located in the Reference Room ("Print Center") on the first floor, and in the instruction lab on the third floor.  There are also 3 computers in the Curriculum Lab that print to the reference room (1st floor).

We offer color printing at the Information Desk ($.25/page)

Print jobs can only be submitted from library computers, not from your laptop or mobile device.

* Printing for alumni and community members is $0.10 per page.

Guest Policy

Effective January 1, 2018

Guests to the library are offered limited borrowing privileges through the ReBL reciprocal borrowing program. Guests can check out up to three books by presenting a valid public library card with a current ReBL sticker.

All library computer resources are limited to Caldwell University students, faculty, staff, and alumni use only. 

Does the library have computers that I can use?

Computers are available in the Jennings Library reference room on the first floor.  There are also several computers in the instruction lab that you can use if a class is not in session, and three computers in the Curriculum Lab on the third floor.

No personal files can be saved on the library computers; students should save all files to a personal flash drive.

You can also connect your laptop or mobile device to the wireless network in the library.  Contact the information desk if you need help connecting.


Computers and WiFi access are limited to current students, faculty, and staff.

All uses of library computers are expect to adhere to the Technology Usage Policy outlined in the C-Book:

Access to computing resources and networks that are owned or operated by the university imposes certain responsibilities and obligations, and is granted subject to university policies and applicable laws.

Appropriate use is always ethical, reflects academic honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources. It demonstrates respect for intellectual property, ownership of data, system security mechanisms, and individuals’ rights to privacy and to freedom from intimidation and harassment. Users are responsible for taking appropriate precautions to reduce their risk of downloading viruses or other potentially harmful software. The university is not responsible for any virus infection that is the result of accessing the Internet using university networks.

Users who access the university network using a privately-owned computer system or mobile device are responsible for adhering to the university Technology Usage Policies. This applies whether the user connects to the network directly, via a virtual private network, and/or through cloud services.

Any individual who violates the Technology Usage Policies will be subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary procedures applicable to students are found in Volume VI. Disciplinary procedures applicable to faculty are found in Volume IV. Disciplinary procedures applicable to administrators and staff are found in Volume V

3D printing in the Creation Station

The Creation Station in Jennings Library contains a 3D printer and two 3D scanners. You can send files to the library to be 3D printed by Creation Station staff, have an object scanned in the library, or check out the iSense handheld scanner to scan an object yourself and then send it to the library to be printed.

For more information on equipment, policies, and procedures, check out our guide to 3D printing at the link below.

iPads, Chromebooks and Laptops

Current Caldwell University students can check out an iPad, Chromebook or Laptop at the Information Desk.

  • You can borrow an iPad or Chromebook for 2 hours (to use only in the library) 
  • iPads, Chromebooks and Laptops are available for a 4 week loan.
  • A Caldwell University ID card is required
  • Your account must be free of holds or fines
  • One iPad, Chromebook or Laptop per person.  No Renewals.
  • $10 per day overdue fee for 4 week iPads, Chromebooks or Laptops.