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Company Research Resources

Finding Company News

Companies tend to be in the news when they want the PR, when they are performing extremely well, or when they are having problems.  Even a small private company may be considered newsworthy by local or national press.

Company news may be found in a variety of publication types, including:

  • Company press releases (often available on company website)
  • National newspapers, such as Wall Street Journal 
  • State and local newspapers
  • Regional business publications, such as Indiana Business
  • Business news magazines
  • Trade periodicals, such as Automotive News 

The databases on this page include many of these types of publication. Search them for news about your company, from the past or present.


Library databases have access to articles from journals, encyclopedias, magazines, and newspapers. Every database has different content. This makes it important to use a database that has content on the subject you are researching. In addition, be sure to search in more than one database to find information.

Check out these recommended databases to get started:

Market & Other Statistics

Fortune 500 List

Can't find what you're looking for?

To find books or articles not available in the Jennings Library, use inter-library loan (ILL) or VALE Reciprocal Borrowing.

If the Library doesn't have a book or article you need, we can most likely get it through interlibrary loan.

  • Log on to Jennings ILL and submit an interlibrary loan request.

For more information see the library's guide to Jennings ILL

Another option is to use VALE Reciprocal Borrowing. To borrow directly from other academic libraries, you must first visit our Information Desk (hours) to obtain a form to take with you to the participating library.