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Modern Languages: Spanish, French and Italian Resources: French Speaking Countries

Resources in Spanish, French, Italian and more at the Jennings Library.

About This Guide

This guide will help you to locate resources related to French-speaking countries and get started on your research for the Francophone country project.

Search CALCAT – the Jennings Library Catalog

Website Evaluation Tips

Check out these tips when deciding to use an online source. Always be skeptical. 

  • Authority: Who is responsible for creating the web page? Is there a publisher or sponsor of the web page? Can you find information about the author and publisher? 
  • Audience: Who is this web site created for? Is the content geared towards an age group or population group? 
  • Accuracy: How does the information compare to other sources?
  • Content: What is the content of the web site: images, articles, a blog? The type of domain (.edu, .gov, .org) may provide some clues about the information.  Can you detect a bias? Are there cited references?
  • Currency: How recent is the web site? Is there information on when it was last updated?

Ask a Librarian

Suggested Books

Suggested E-Books


Library databases have access to articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. Every database has different content. This makes it important to use a database that has content on the subject you are researching. In addition, be sure to search in more than one database to find information.

Check out these recommended databases to get started:

Recommended Sites

Check out these recommended websites to get started:

The Francophone World


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   Regions where French is the main language
   Regions where it is an official language
   Regions where it is a second language
   Regions where it is a minority language

French in the U.S. (MLA Language Map)

French-speaking countries/areas

You can pick a French-speaking country or area from the following list:





Ivory Coast







Seychelles Islands








*These last five are not "countries" but there is still a lot to talk about.