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Finding Sources

This guide is a general introduction to finding different types of sources available at Jennings Library, including books, scholarly and newspaper articles, music and videos, databases, and statistics.

What is a Scholarly Journal?

A scholarly journal is a collection of articles written by experts in an academic or professional field, such as professors or researchers. 

These are some characteristics of scholarly articles:

  • They are a report of research or analysis done by the author(s). 
  • They are intended to be read by other professors, researchers and students.
  • The include a lists of references (citations).
  • The article as a whole and the citations are formatted according to a defined style, like MLA or APA or Chicago. 
  • They are typically peer-reviewed, which means that experts in the field assessed the research and provided feedback prior to publication. 
  • The terms "scholarly article" and "peer-reviewed article" are sometimes used interchangeably.

For more information, see our guide on Scholarly vs. Popular Sources.

Where can I find scholarly articles?

  1. By using the Articles tab on the search box on this page, which is the same search box that is on the library homepage. 
  2. By searching in a library database that contains scholarly journals (most of them!)  Use the A-Z Database List to find databases for your field of study, or try one of the multidisciplinary databases from the list on this page. 
  3. In any search, look for an option to limit the results to "Peer-reviewed" or "scholarly" or a similar term. 

ProQuest Research Companion: What is Peer Review?

Multidisciplinary Databases with Scholarly Journals