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Finding Sources: Books

This guide is a general introduction to finding different types of sources available at Jennings Library, including books, scholarly and newspaper articles, music and videos, databases, and statistics.

Find books and e-books now!

Search Summon now for books and e-books!  See the boxes to the right for more information on searching with Summon.

Search CALCAT, the Jennings Library catalog, to find books and more!  


CALCAT search tips

Having trouble searching in CALCAT?  The tips below may be helpful.

  • It is useful to choose Subject from the drop-down menu when you are searching the library catalog. Performing a Subject search will help narrow your results to exactly the topic in which you are interested.  
  • If you're getting too many results with your Subject search, you can try narrowing it down by selecting a section of that topic.  Not getting enough results?  Broaden your topic.  If you're not sure what subject to search for, the librarians will be happy to help you figure it out!

How to find books at Jennings Library

There are two main search tools for finding books at Jennings Library: the Summon search and the library catalog (CALCAT).

The main Summon search is a single box that looks for your search terms in multiple fields (such as author, title, subject, and notes) at once.  For example, searching for "George Washington" will find items where George Washington is the author, or where the title of the item contains "George Washington", or where George Washington is the subject of the item even if his name isn't in the title.  (If you want your search terms to appear in a particular field -- e.g., you want books written by George Washington, not books about him -- you can use the Summon Advanced Search and choose the appropriate field.)

A Summon search automatically includes all types of items - books, newspaper and journal articles, videos, music, and more.  To limit your search results to books, choose "Book/eBook" under "Content Type" in the gray box to the left of the search results.  To find printed books only (not e-books), scroll further down the gray box and select "Circulating Stacks" and "Reference Dept" under "Library Location."

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Summon also makes it easy to limit your results by a date range when they were published, as well as additional subject terms.

For more advice on searching Summon, check out the library's tutorial!

There are two main search tools for finding books at Jennings Library: the Summon search and the library catalog (CALCAT).

CALCAT has two main search options, Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Quick Search is a single search box.  You can search for a title, an author, or a subject - but not two or three at once.  This method does not limit results by the type of item, so your results may include videos or other media as well as books.


Advanced Search features multiple search boxes and drop down menus that you can combine to limit your results.  For example, you can search for a particular author, title, and subject - or any combination of the three.  You can also limit your search results by selecting "BOOKS" in the dropdown menu for Type

How to find e-books

E-books are full-text electronic versions of printed books which can be viewed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the Library or from a remote location (use your NetID when prompted for a username and password).   The Library offers access to large multidisciplinary collections of e-books, subject-specific collections in business and health, and individual titles like the APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis and the DSM-V.

You can use our Guide to E-books to access a specific e-book collection, or or search multiple collections at once using the library catalog (CALCAT) or Summon.  All of our e-books are identified in CALCAT and Summon by “ebook” in the call number or material type, and are accompanied by a URL which can be used to link directly into the e-book.  

Limiting Summon search results to e-books

To limit your Summon search results to e-books, check "eBook Full Text Online" under "Refine your search" in the facet pane at the left-hand side of the screen.