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Library Resources for Graduate and Doctoral Students: Dissertations and Theses at Caldwell University

Dissertations and Theses at Caldwell Univeristy

Once your thesis or dissertation is complete you have the option of uploading a PDF copy of your work to our Dissertations & Theses @Caldwell University database. This database houses the theses and dissertations of the students of Caldwell University.  

Uploading your Disertation or Theses

You can speak with your dissertation or theses advisor about this process. Here are the steps to get your started.

How do I submit a Thesis or Dissertation?

  1. Go to and choose "Submit my dissertation/thesis".
  2. Select your school from the list provided.
  3. Create an account or login using an existing account.
  4. Once you create an account, ETD Administrator will walk you through a simple process that involves accepting the publishing agreement and uploading the relevant files and information about your submission.
  5. After you complete your submission, your graduate school administrator will review the submission before sending it to ProQuest Dissertation Publishing.
  6. Note that all dissertations and theses must be submitted as a PDF document. For more information about creating PDF files, please see PDF Frequently Asked Questions.

Helpful Links for Submitting

Looking for a Dissertation or Theses Beyond Caldwell?

It is possible to obtain dissertations or theses written by students at other institutions. See the link below for more information.