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EN 349: Literature and the Environment

This guide was created for Dr. Kornacki's EN 349 class.

Newspaper Databases

You can use the databases below for current information from newspapers on climate change and environmental issues. It's important to evaluate sources of all kinds, and some of these questions might be relevant for analyzing and thinking critically about news articles:

  • Whose perspectives are present, and whose are missing?
  • What interests are represented or emphasized (or not)?
  • Is the intention of the article to inform or to persuade?
  • Is there a clear perspective stated?
  • Could there be a hidden bias?
  • What information is the argument based on?

Independent and Alternative Press Websites

These are alternative news sources that might include relevant recent news stories about your research topics. As you use these sources, some of these questions might be relevant:

  • Whose perspectives are included?
  • Are there different perspectives included than in more mainstream news sources?
  • What difference do different perspectives make, if applicable?
  • Which articles inform and which persuade?
  • Are perspectives clearly stated? What are they?