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EN 349: Literature and the Environment

This guide was created for Dr. Kornacki's EN 349 class.

What's on this page

This is a selection of books available at Jennings Library that might be relevant to your work. The first box is ebooks, and the second box is print books that are in the library. 

Often, an academic or non-fiction book has chapters about related but distinct topics. As you look at these books, remember that you do not necessarily need to read the whole book in order to learn from one or two relevant chapters. Use the table of contents (and the search function within ebooks) to identify chapters of interest.

To search specifically for books, use the Books & Ebooks search tab on the library homepage. 

Suggested E-Books for Research

This is a selection of ebooks related to your research topics. You can access these books from anywhere with your NetID. 

Suggested Print Books for Research

This is a selection of available print books on relevant topics. Come to the library to check out these or any other books.