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EN 320: Writing Power

Search Tips

1. Use quotation marks around a multi-word search term to search for that exact term. 

  • "history of medicine"
  • "Great Salt Lake"
  • "Alberto Fujimori"

2. Truncate (a.k.a. shorten) a word to search for any variations of that word. 

  • "legal*" searches for legality, legalization, legalisation, etc. 

2. Combine search terms with "and" to narrow your search and make it more relevant: 

  • "history of medicine" AND gender AND "quality of care" = searches the overlap of these terms

3. Broaden your search by listing similar terms, separated by "or"

  • "quality of care" OR "care quality"

4. Combine strategies to construct the exact search you want:

  • ("history of medicine") AND (gender OR women) AND ("quality of care" OR "care quality")

5. Look at suggested terms and subject terms for the relevant articles you find in databases.

6. Look at the references or works cited from a relevant source