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BU213: Introduction to Health Care Administration: Home

Guide Attribution

The guide was originally created by Nancy Bennett, and is edited by Linda Salvesen.

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Welcome to this Caldwell University Library Research Guide!

This guide is designed to assist you when starting research in the area of Health Care Administration.

Use the tabs above to navigate through the various types of resources available via the Caldwell Library.  Health Care Administration is a truly cross-disciplinary area of study so you will see many resources from Business, Medicine, Psychology, and Law.



Did you know that each area of study on campus has a librarian dedicated to student success in that area? It's true! The program is called MyLibrarian.

This librarian specializes in this area of study and created this guide to help support your research process.  You can find out who the librarian is for each area along the right side of this guide. Your librarian's name, picture, and contact information is included along with a chat box. When your librarians are online, you can chat with them about any questions you may have concerning library materials, citations, finding resources, and more! If they are not online, feel free to email, call, or come by the library for any assistance you may need in your studies at Caldwell.



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