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Inter-library Loan (ILL): Dissertations & Theses

A guide to using the interlibrary loan system at Jennings Library

Accessing Dissertations & Theses

How to access dissertations

To locate a dissertation try the steps below:

1. Check Google or Google Scholar to see if the full-text of the dissertation is available online. Many colleges and universities have institutional repositories that are open access and available to everyone. Scholars may also publish their own dissertations or theses on sites such as ResearchGate,, or other personal websites.

See below for some suggestions for searching:

2. If you can't find the full-text, you can try searching for the author's contact information and requesting a copy directly from the author.

3. If you are still unable to find a copy, you have the option to purchase it from ProQuest Dissertation Express (linked below). Search for the dissertation on Dissertation Express, then add it to your cart to purchase. 

4. If you are looking for a dissertation written by a Caldwell graduate, we can help! We provide all full-text dissertations that are written by our graduates.

     They can be found in the database below:

     Scholarly research in education, business, counseling, and psychology written by Caldwell University students.