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Information Literacy Defined

Information literacy is the set of skills students need to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. Information literacy is a vital skill for our students in an age of information overload. These skills are necessary not just during college but also after graduation in information seeking activities related to a variety of careers. 

What topics are covered in Information Literacy Instruction?

Some topics include:

  • General introduction to the Library
  • Searching the Library’s databases for articles
  • Understanding scholarly research
  • How to find books in the Library’s online catalog
  • Advanced research methods
  • Evaluation of sources
  • Citing sources

How can I schedule a class?

To schedule a library session please do one of the following:

Please make instruction requests at least two weeks in advance of the desired instruction date. 

Tips for a successful session

To ensure that your library instruction session is successful, we offer these suggestions:

  • Schedule the session close to the time when students will actually need to be using the library.
  • Give a copy of the assignment and/or syllabus to the librarian who will be meeting with your class.
  • Accompany your class to the library session and add your comments and questions.

Learn more about Information Literacy

Building on the foundations established in library instruction, there are many ways that you can build information literacy concepts into your coursework. You can learn more about these concepts and how to do this with the following resources. You can also consult with your liaison library can also work on integrating information literacy concepts into your class.