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Off-Campus Access: an overview

All faculty and students have access to digital library materials - databases, ebooks, etc. - from off-campus. This page covers how to share links to library resources in a way that will provide off-campus access.

If you or your students encounter any issues with off-campus access, please report this to the library via phone, chat, or via email at

What is EZproxy?

EZproxy allows users to access the Library's online resources off campus. It is the system that enables a user to log in with their NetID and password to access content.

If you want to link to Library resources from your Blackboard page you must make sure the EZproxy URL prefix is included. This is the EZproxy URL prefix for Caldwell:


How to make sure you are sharing a proxied link:

  • If you are in a library database that has a "Link" or "Link to this page" or "Share" option, use it!
  • When you copy the URL, see if it includes the EZproxy prefix ( 
  • Some databases, like EBSCOhost and ProQuest, automatically include the EZproxy URL to the "Link to this page" they provide, but some do not. 
  • If you do not see that prefix, add it before the URL to the page you want your students or others to be able to access. This will ensure that they can access it off-campus! See an example below. 

EZproxy Example

Not all databases add the EZproxy automatically. E-books, journal articles, and streaming videos may need to have the EZproxy added. See below for an example to help you recognize when to add the EZproxy.

Here is an example of a link that needs to have the EZproxy added:

The EZproxy has been added to the link below (the EZproxy URL is colored in orange to distinguish the difference):

Now that this link has the EZproxy added students will be able to access this resource off campus.