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American Criminal Courts & the Judicial Process: Articles

court structure

Legal Database

Our only legal database is Lexis Uni.

General Search Tips

Use Boolean Operators (AND/OR/NOT) to broaden or narrow your search. 

      AND - will narrow a search.  All search terms must appear in a record

OR - will broaden a search.  Either or both terms may appear

NOT - will narrow a search.  The term following “not” won’t appear in a record.

Other search tips:

  • Use quotes “   “  to keep 2 or more words together as a phrase (“global warming”)
  • Use the asterisk * to find alternate endings to words (child* would retrieve child, children, children’s, childhood, etc.)
  • Put synonyms/similar words in parentheses, and link together with the word ‘or.’ (teen or youth or adolescent or juvenile)

Recommended Databases

Library databases have access to articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. Every database has different content. This makes it important to use a database that has content on the subject you are researching. In addition, be sure to search in more than one database to find information.

Check out these recommended databases to get started: