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Legal Perspectives & Labor: Internet Resources

ED 711

Featured Supreme Court Cases

This page highlights some of the online resources that may be helpful as you research topics in collective bargaining, including collective bargaining law, economic data for bargaining, costing out the contract, dispute resolution, and more.  e.g. cases


National & State Labor Laws

Public Sector Collective Bargaining

Organizations & Agencies

Organizations, institutes, and think tanks are excellent sources for the latest research reports, names of known scholars and experts in the field, and other types of material you may not easily find in academic journals.  One way to find organizational research on the Internet is to implement the following Google search:

Key words or phrases

Site:org   (or site:edu)


Example:  “Hispanic women” executives site:org filetype:pdf 

This search will limit results to organizational (or educational) web sites and to PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents.  Why does this work? You are much more likely to find published research in PDF format and the search eliminates misleading commercial and personal web sites.

Researching the Union

Labor Unions with Public Sector Membership

Sample Contracts

Strikes & Dispute Resolution

Arbitration Cases

Locating Labor Arbitration Cases

Most arbitration cases (also called awards) are not published.  You can find random cases on the Internet, but the best source are specialized reporting services, similar to legal reporting services.  Arbitration award publishers include BNA, CCH, and LRP.