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Science Resources

This guide will help you locate resources related to science.

E-book Collections

Selected Reference Books for Chemistry

Selected Reference Books for Biology

Science Call Numbers

Not quite sure what you're looking for?  This list of call numbers for various subjects in science may be helpful as you browse the library's shelves.  

Class Q - Science

  • Subclass Q - Science (General)
  • Subclass QA - Mathematics
  • Subclass QB - Astronomy
  • Subclass QC - Physics
  • Subclass QD - Chemistry
  • Subclass QE - Geology
  • Subclass QH - Natural history - Biology
  • Subclass QK - Botany
  • Subclass QL - Zoology
  • Subclass QM - Human anatomy
  • Subclass QP - Physiology
  • Subclass QR - Microbiology

Science Encyclopedia