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Testing and Assessment Resources: Citation Guides

Citing articles from a Library database

Sample citation in APA format for articles retrieved from the Library's CINAHL database:

With DOI:

Cochrane, T. (2009). Unnecessary time pressure in refusal of life-sustaining therapies: fear of missing the opportunity to die. American Journal of Bioethics, 9(4), 47-54. doi:10.1080/15265160902718857

Without a DOI therefore referencing the journal site :

Gerber, L. (2007). The sacred path. Nursing, 37(5), 43. Retrieved from

Hacker's A Writer's Reference 6th Ed.

If you have A Writer's Reference 6th ed. which does not include the latest APA style guide 6th ed updates, you can download and print the updates for free from the Hacker site. The Writer's Reference 7th edition includes the latest APA updates.

Citation Tools

Note: We recommend double checking all results from these tools for accuracy and consistency with the assigned citation style.

APA - Works Cited and In-text Citation

MLA - Works Cited and In-Text Citation