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Mango Languages

Learn more about Mango Premier, the library's language learning app!

What is Mango?

Turning the entertainment experience into a learning experience, Mango Premiere™ exposes students to four key areas of language learning – vocabulary, phrases, culture and grammar – all while enjoying the fun and excitement of a movie.

Users are able to customize their learning experience by choosing how they want to watch a film. In “Movie Mode”, you can watch the entire movie with your choice of subtitles (English subtitles, subtitles in the language you’re learning, or both). Or you can select “Engage Mode” to learn each scene’s dialogue, part-by-part.

Along the way, you’ll see all the same features that Mango users have come to know and love: semantic color mapping, phonetic pop-ups, quizzes, Grammar Notes, Culture Notes, and more.

Mango Languages

Is learning a new language one of your new years resolutions? Mango is here to help! Check out their 31 Days of Language plan to help you stick to your goals.

Mango Languages Demo

Download the Apps!

Mango Languages can be used through your computer (with speakers and a microphone), or through the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Note: Make sure that you sign up through the library's link (left) to ensure that you can access all levels of your language course!