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Blind Date with a Book: Pick Your Date!

How to Pick Your Date

It is time for Blind Date with a Book again!

  1. Pick your date from the options below. 
  2. Schedule a time to pick up your 'date' using the box below "Book Library Takeout"
  3. Enter the # of your book choice in the box "What book(s) are you requesting?"
  4. Stop by the Alumni Theater door of the library to pick up your 'date' at your scheduled time.

Everyone who picks up a 'date' will get a coffee coupon from the library!

Genre: Fiction

#142 Genre: Fiction Wealthy American widow, Classic, Rome, Italy

#143 Genre: Fiction Friendship, Suspense, Love, Psychological fiction

#145 Genre: Fiction  Italian-American Women, Mothers & Daughters, Italian Heritage

#147 Genre - Fiction  Irish-Americans, Missing Persons, Organized crime, World War

#149 Genre: Fiction  Time Travel, Romance

#152 Genre: Fiction  Human animal relationships, Humor, Dogs

#156 Genre: Fiction  Fantasy, Adventure, Nautical

#163 Genre: Fiction  North Korea,Workcamps for orphans, propaganda

#165 Genre: Fiction Afghan woman, Danish widower

#169 Genre: Fiction  Community life, Influenza, Ethics

#171 Genre: Fiction  Culture conflict, Middle East, Family Life

#178 Genre: Fiction  Haitians, Dominican Republic, Plantation life, Refugees

#179 Genre: Fiction  Mystery, Italy, Murder

#180 Genre: Fiction  Missing persons, Psychological Thriller

#181 Genre: Fiction  Romance,Love story

#194 Genre: Fiction  Nature stories, trees, environment

#197 Genre: Fiction  Humorous American fiction, Small town, Alabama,

#202 Genre: Fiction  Rich people, Chinese American women, humor, romance

#204 Genre: Fiction  Realistic Fiction, Racism, African American Teenagers

#205 Genre: Fiction  Hostages, mystery

#206 Genre: Fiction  Brothers and Sisters, historical

#207 Genre: fiction Influenza epidemic, family

#208 Genre: Fiction  Missing Children, mystery, thriller

#210 Genre: Fiction  Nigeria, incarceration, horror, escape

Genre: Sports

#182 Genre: Sports Sports administration. Branding, Sport marketing

#183 Genre: Sports Baseball player, Yankees, Biography

#184 Genre: Sports Football coaches, Biography, Green Bay Packers

#185 Genre: Sports Football player, Biography, NY Jets

#200 Genre: Sports Biography, Baseball player, African American, Civil rights movement

Genre: Historical Fiction

#140 Genre: Historical fiction World War, Great Britain, Impersonations

#141 Genre: Historical Fiction Mystery, Detectives,Women private investigators

#150 Genre: Historical fiction Paterson, N.J. Irish-Americans,Loss & redemption

#151 Genre: Historical fiction Havanna, Cuba, Insurance investigators

#153 Genre:Historical fiction New Jersey, Tabloid journalists 1920's-30's

#159 Genre: Historical & Political fiction Moscow, Interpersonal relations

#161 Genre:Historical fiction War stories, Singapore

#164 Genre: Historical fiction Murder, Journalists, Detective and mystery fiction

#166 Genre: Historical Fiction Family Life, Slavery, Harems, Tulips,

#196 Genre: Historical fiction U.S.President, Grief, Ghost stories

Genre: Poetry

#146 Genre: Poetry Family, Loss, Love, American poet

#148 Genre: Poetry Immigrant childhood, Paterson, N.J., Family memories

#154 Genre: American poetry Magical, spooky & mysterious poems

#155 Genre: Poetry Poetry centering on the physical meaning of life

#157 Genre: Poetry American poet

Genre: Mystery

#177 Genre: Mystery Thriller, Family Life, Sisters

#191 Genre: Mystery Mysteries, Nature, North Carolina

#195 Genre: Mystery Detectives, Physicians, thriller

#209 Genre: Mystery Dublin-Murde, Ireland, thriller

Genre: Non-Fiction

#168 Genre: Nonfiction Autobiography, Travel, Nepal

#170 Genre: Nonfiction Biography, Memoirs, African-American, Basketball

#172 Genre:Nonfiction Crime, American History, Italian-Americans

#173 Genre: Nonfiction Radiation poisoning.Women's history

#174 Genre: Nonfiction Wall Street, Economics & Finance, Stock market problems

#175 Genre: Nonfiction Biography, U.S.Hockey, Olympic Games

#176 Genre: Nonfiction Biography, Basketball,NCAA Championship

#186 Genre: Nonfiction Entrepreneurship, Internet videos, Streaming technology

#187 Genre Nonfiction Athletic shoes, Sporting goods industry, Footwear industry, Germany

#188 Genre: Nonfiction Genre: Entrepreneurship, Biography, Digital Currencies, E-Commerce

#189 Genre: Nonfiction Autobiography, Land mine victims, Afghanistan,

#190 Genre: Nonfiction Grand Central Terminal, Homeless teenagers, Social conditions

# 198 Genre: Nonfiction Information technology, Business, politics, Economics, Internet industry,

#199 Genre: Nonfiction Building schools, Humanitarian assistance, Pakistan

#201 Genre: Nonfiction Biography, NY Baseball, African American, Member Baseball Hall of Fame

#203 Genre: Nonfiction Autobiography, Memoirs, Hate Crimes, Ku Klu Klan, White Supremacy Movements

Genre: Science Fiction

#160 Genre:Science fiction End of the world, Life on other planets

#162 Genre:Science fiction Information technology, International relations, Suspense, Thriller

#167 Genre:Science Fiction Fantasy & Magic, Dystopian Literature

#193 Genre: Science fiction Speculative fiction, Virus diseases, music, concerts


This guide was originally created by Heather Cook.