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Art History Research


Welcome to the Library's research guide on Art History research! This guide will help you to locate resources related to Art History and get started on your research.

Tips for Getting Started

Conducting research in Art History can be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging.  Unless the piece of art you are studying is extremely popular, it is unlikely that you will find many scholarly resources written on that specific piece.  But do not worry!  Below are some tips on what keywords to use and other recommendations.

1. Begin your research narrowly.  Search the databases and WorldCat for your specific piece of art.
        ex. "Paul Signac" AND "Port of Rotterdam"

2. If you cannot find much information, search for anything written on the artist(s).
         ex. "Paul Signac"

3. If you are still having trouble finding information, search for anything written on the artist's style and/or the time period during which your piece was created.
         ex. Pointillism; Neo-Impressionism

4. If you are feeling discouraged, e-mail a librarian to schedule a one-on-one meeting.  You may also want to contact your professor to ask for recommendations.

Introduction to Art

This video illustrates the steps and procedures necessary to research a work of art. Learn how to construct a well-supported argument using visual, historical, and textual evidence.