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EN 101: The Process of Writing

Introduction to Library Databases

What is a database?

A database stores information according to some system of organization.

What's an example of a database?

Your phone's contacts are a database. The contacts system stories phone numbers, names, etc., and you can find them by searching.

What does a library database store?

A library database stores information about resources - books, journals, videos - and often, also stores the resources themselves. You can find resources about your topic by searching. 

How do I use a library database for an assignment?

Search for a term or terms—you might need to do several searches!—related to your topic. You will find news articles, academic journal articles, videos, and more about that topic. Once you have search results, you will have to decide which ones you will read or watch. Then, you will decide which sources contribute to your paper. The strategies on the Evaluating Sources page can help with this. 

Find Reference Sources

Find News & Popular Sources

Find Scholarly Sources