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Finding Sources: Scholarly Articles

This guide is a general introduction to finding different types of sources available at Jennings Library, including books, scholarly and newspaper articles, music and videos, databases, and statistics.

What is a Scholarly Journal?

A scholarly journal is a collection of articles written by experts in an academic or professional field, such as professors or researchers.  They are intended to be read by other professors, researchers and students, and include lists of references (citations).  They are often peer-reviewed (reviewed by experts in the field prior to publication to assess the quality of the research).  You can find scholarly articles on your research topic by using Summon or searching in individual databases.

For more information, see our guide on Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals.

Scholarly Article Databases

Below is a list of multidisciplinary databases.  In addition to the Summon search service, they are a good place to start your search for scholarly articles.  To find subject-specific databases, visit our Databases by Subject guide and click on the link for your academic department.

Every database has different content. This makes it important to use a database that has content on the subject you are researching. In addition, be sure to search in more than one database to find information.

Search Summon to find scholarly articles now!

Search several databases at once with the Summon search service!

Limit Summon search results to scholarly articles

To limit your Summon search results to scholarly journal articles, you'll use two search options along the left side of the search results page:

  • Under "Refine your search," select "Scholarly & Peer-Review"
  • Under "Content type," select "Journal article"

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Search Google Scholar

Already have Google Scholar preferences set to Caldwell University or on campus? Start searching…

Google Scholar Search

If you're off campus and have not yet set up your Google Scholar preferences, see the sub-tab Google Scholar @ Jennings Library for instructions.


Google Scholar is not considered comprehensive for academic content and is a Beta product. The organizations participating in Google Scholar are unknown meaning that some material you may need for your research may not be indexed in Google Scholar, but rather in one or more of our Jennings Library Databases. For the most thorough search of a topic, consult Jennings Library’s subject specific databases which have been carefully selected by us to provide comprehensive, retrospective and current access to scholarly literature. For a complete list, see: Jennings Library Databases.