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EN410: Capstone Portfolio Project: Syllabus

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EN 410: Capstone Portfolio Project Syllabus


Write, Review, Revise, Reflect

In EN 410, you will significantly revise four papers using a peer-review revision framework, incorporate the process of self-reflection, and ultimately create a digital portfolio that will showcase your accomplishments as an English major. Put another way, in this capstone class for seniors, you will participate in a reflective and rigorous semester where you will look back on your time as an English major and produce a new, major project. This project will include one new paper that you will write for this class, and you will also revise three papers from previous EN classes at Caldwell University.  The guidelines for selecting the three outside papers for EN 410 are as follows: one essay must be from a required EN class and the other two essays must be from other upper-level EN classes (electives). Out of these three essays, one essay must be from a pre-1900 time period, and no more than one essay can come from any one EN class. Overall, your digital portfolio will include four essays, and they must address more than one genre, one country and one time period (see bullet point above), they must total 20-25 pages of revised and polished writing, and three of the four essays must include secondary research. Ultimately, the course is meant to serve as a “summation”: we will bring together all of the kinds of work that we do in the English department: active discussion in the classroom, collaboration, substantial writing, and research work.

Required Texts

The following books are available at the Caldwell University Bookstore.