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EN345: African American Literature: MLA 8th Edition

Research guide for EN345

MLA 8th Edition Core Elements

When constructing a citation in MLA 8th Edition you will use the following element below for any source. Note the punctuation that should follow the element is noted. 

  1. Author.
  2. Title of source.
  3. Title of container.
  4. Other contributors.
  5. Version.
  6. Number.
  7. Publisher.
  8. Publication date.

MLA in text examples

Direct Quote:

Lane argues, “Technology makes it possible for employers to gather enormous amounts of data about employees, often  far beyond what is necessary to satisfy safety or productivity concerns” (10). 


Aided by technology, employers are able to gather much more information about their employees then is needed for a safe workplace (Lane 10).


Other Rules:

  • No page numbers? Leave them out.
  • No author? Use the title of the source in quotes: (“Getting the Message”) 
  • 2 authors? List them all: (Alton and Rice 56)
  • 3 or more? List one and et al. (Blaine et al. 35)

MLA 8th Edition Workshop

Click the image below to view a recorded version of our MLA Workshop!

mla workshop

Examples of References & In-Text Citations

Journal Article

Lorensen, Jutta. “Between Image and Word, Color, and Time: Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series.” African American Review, vol. 40, no. 3,2006, pp. 571-86. Academic Search Premier, Drect=true&db=f5h&AN=24093790&site=eho st-live. 

(Lorensen 577)

Newspaper Article

Fessenden, Ford, et al. "The Battle for New York's Key Voting Blocs in the Primaries." New York Times, 19 Apr. 2016, p. A 14. ProQuest Central, docview/1781721245?accountid=26523.

(Fessenden et al. A14)


Dorris, Michael, and Louise Erdrich. The Crown of Columbus. HarperCollins Publishers, 1999. 

(Dorris and Erdrich 110-12)

Article from a Book

Copeland, Edward. “Money.” The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen, edited by Copeland and Juliet McMaster, Cambridge UP, 1997, pp. 131-48. 

(Copeland 135)

Webpage on a Website 

“Natalie Breaks Down as Three-Court Battle Ends.”  The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 11 Apr. 2007, Natallie-breaks-down-as-three-court-battle- ends.html. 

("Natalie Breaks Down")

MLA Handbook


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