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Catholic Social Teaching

This guide will provide resources on Catholic Social Teaching.


Library databases have access to articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. Every database has different content. This makes it important to use a database that has content on the subject you are researching. In addition, be sure to search in more than one database to find information.

Check out these recommended databases to get started:

Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

Already have a journal, magazine, or newspaper you want to search?

To find a specific journal, use the “Journals” tab on the search box on the library website.

Search Tips

  • Use keywords, not full sentences or questions
    • e.g. "Catholic Social Teaching"
  • If you have too many results, narrow your focus
    • e.g. "Catholic Social Teaching" AND "Dorothy Day"
    • or "Catholic Social Teaching" AND "poverty"

Off Campus Access

You don't have to be in the Library to access articles and databases.

The Library's resources can be accessed anytime, anywhere with your NetID and password.

Can't find what you're looking for?

To find books or articles not available in the Jennings Library, use inter-library loan (ILL) or VALE Reciprocal Borrowing.

If the Library doesn't have a book or article you need, we can most likely get it through interlibrary loan.

  • Log on to Jennings ILL and submit an interlibrary loan request.

For more information see the library's guide to Jennings ILL

Another option is to use VALE Reciprocal Borrowing. To borrow directly from other academic libraries, you must first visit our Information Desk (hours) to obtain a form to take with you to the participating library.