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Legal Research Guide


Welcome to the Library's guide on legal research.  This guide will help you to conduct research on topics related to business, education, and criminal law.

Conducting Legal Research

Thorough legal research on a topic involves studying federal and state laws (statutes/statutory law), regulations (administrative law), and court decisions (case law).  The various tabs on the left of this guide (Books, Websites, and Articles) provide access to resources that will help you get started with your research. 

Books: The recommended books on this tab, sorted into general, business, criminal, and education law, provide description and analysis of various topics.  These are a good way to start your research.

Articles: The links on this page will help you find articles in law reviews, scholarly journals that provide analysis of legal issues.  Law review articles can be a good place to start your research, particularly on newer issues that aren't discussed in legal encyclopedias or other print sources.  

Websites: The recommended websites provide access to topic overviews, which summarize the laws related to various topics and include links to related statutes, regulations, and court decisions.  These overviews are a great starting point for your research.  This tab also features a tutorial on LexisNexis, including guidance on finding federal and state laws and cases, as well as reference material. 

Guide Attribution

The guide was originally created by Lauren Fowler.