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Anthropology Research Guide: Internet Resources

This guide will help you locate resources related to anthropology.

Website Evaluation Tips

Check out these tips when deciding to use an online source. Always be skeptical. 

  • Authority: Who is responsible for creating the web page? Is there a publisher or sponsor of the web page? Can you find information about the author and publisher? 
  • Audience: Who is this web site created for? Is the content geared towards an age group or population group? 
  • Accuracy: How does the information compare to other sources?
  • Content: What is the content of the web site: images, articles, a blog? Can you detect a certain perspective? Are there cited references?
  • Currency: How recent is the web site? Is there information on when it was last updated?

Recommended Websites for Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology in the News - New York Times

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Recommended Websites for Forensic Anthropology

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