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Artstor: View, Download and Export Images

This Guide will help you navigate ARTstor, a digital library of images.

Downloading a single image

To download a single image, double click the image thumbnail which will open the image in a larger window.  Then click the save icon.    The image will download as a JPEG and the metadata (title, creator etc) will download in html.  

Downloading a group of images

To download an image group as a zip file, you must first be logged into your Artstor account (see register for an Artstor account tab above).  You will then click on "organize" along the top panel and "open image group".  Select the image group you would like to download and click "open".  The image group will open and you will need to click the folder icon located in the toolbar.  

Zip Files

You may need to download software to zip and unzip files.  Mac users will not have to do this.  PC users may have to do this.  Artstor recommends 7-zip

View, Print and Download

Export into Powerpoint

Steps to create a powerpoint presentation of up to 100 images:

1.  Login to your Artstor account (you must have registered: see above tab on instructions for registering)

2.  Click organize along the top toolbar and then image group

3.  Expand the folder that your image group is found in 

4.  Double click your image group

5.  Click the export to PowerPoint button along the toolbar, accept the terms of use

6.  The metadata for each image will appear in the presenter notes

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Download images into the Offline Image Viewer

The Offline Image Viewer is a presentation tool that Registered Users can download by going to the “Tools” toolbar button and selecting the “Download Offline Viewer” option. It's an alternative to Powerpoint or Prezi.