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Psychology Research Guide: Books

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Another option is to browse the STACKS for books.  The following call # areas might be of interest to you:

BF 38-80 Philosophy of psychology; Professional issues; studies and teaching; VU theses
BF 81-149 History of psychology; Biography
BF 150-172 Mind and body; Neuropsychology and neurophysiology
BF 173-175 Psychoanalysis; Psychological tests and testing; Attitudes; Abnormal psychology
BF 180-210 Experimental psychology
BF 231-299 Senses and sensation
BF 309-499

Cognition; Perception; Learning; Memory

BF 501-504.3 Motivation
BF 511-593 Emotion
BF 608-635 Will; Volition; Choice
BF 636-637 Applied Psychology
BF 638-648 

New thought; Menticulture

BF 660-697   

 Comparative psychology; Animal and Human psychology

BF 698-698.9


BF 699-711

 Genetic psychology

BF 712-724.85

 Developmental psychology

BF 725-727

 Psychology of special groups

BF 751-755

 Psychology of nations; National characteristics

BF 761-789

 Humanistic psychology

BF 795-839.5

 Temperament; Character

BF 840-940

 Physiognomy; Phrenology, Graphology, Palmistry

BF 1001-1999

 Parapsychology; Occult sciences


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To find books not available in the Jennings Library, use Interlibrary loan or Vale Reciprocal Borrowing.