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Book Discussion Group: Empire Of Fear

Find out what the group is currently reading, when the next meeting will take place, and what previous books have been read.

About the Author

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Andrew Hosken is one of the BBC’s most senior correspondents. Since joining Radio 4 in 1997, he has reported for the flagship current affairs programme, Today, as well as The World TonightFrom Our Own Correspondent, and the BBC World Service. He reported on the 9/11 attacks from New York and on the 7/7 attacks from London. Over the course of his career he has covered numerous Middle-Eastern conflicts and their aftermaths, including the Arab Spring, the fall of Gaddafi, and the rise of the Islamic State. In 2003, he won the One World Media Award for his series on Algerian terrorism. He is the author of two books on British political figures, Nothing Like a Dame, about the disgraced Conservative Dame Shirley Porter, and Ken, a biography of controversial London mayor Ken Livingstone.

About the Book

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From Amazon:

In June 2014 Islamic State launched an astonishing blitzkrieg which saw them seize control of an area in the Middle East the size of Britain. The news was soon filled with their relentless acts of savagery, yet nobody seemed to know who they were or where they’d come from.

Now BBC reporter Andrew Hosken delivers the inside story on Islamic State. Through extensive first-hand reporting, Hosken builds a comprehensive picture of IS, their brutal ideology and exterminationist methods. Equally compelling and horrifying, Empire of Fear reveals how Islamic State came to be, explores how they might be defeated and asks a frightening question — if they were brought down, could we stop another group emerging to replace them?





Best of 2015

Kirkus named this as one of the best non-fiction books of 2015

An exploration of the spreading terror of the self-proclaimed new caliphate...