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Library Resources for Faculty: Departmental Library Liaisons

Learn what the library has to offer for faculty!

What is a Liaison?

A library liaison is a librarian who has been designated the formal contact person between the library and your department. The primary role of a liaison is to facilitate communication between the library and each academic department on campus.

Your liaison will work with you to understand the information needs of your department and to share with you the library services and resources designed to meet those needs. 

Your library liaison is your primary connection to the library!

How can a Liaison help?

Your Liaison can:

  • Schedule an information literacy instruction session.
  • Create a research guide (just like this one!) for your course or for a specific assignment.
  • Discuss ways to incorporate information literacy into your syllabus and assignments.
  • Alert you to new library content that is relevant to your discipline.
  • Work with you to build the library's collection in your discipline.
  • Assist you with your research.
  • Answer any questions you have about the library.

Heather Cook

Librarian Heather Cook

Liaison to:

Art Therapy and Psychology & Counseling
Contact Information:

Kim Lynch

Librarian Kim Lynch

Liaison to:

Art, History & Political Science, Music, and Theology & Philosophy.
Contact Information:

Ellen Johnston

Librarian Ellen Johnson

Liaison to:
ABA and Sociology & Criminal Justice
Contact Information:

Victoria Swanson

Librarian Victoria Swanson

Liaison to:
Education, English, Modern Languages, and Nursing & Public Health
Contact Information: