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Creation Station - 3D Printing: 3D Scanners

Scanning an object

One way to create 3D object is to scan a real object with a 3D scanner. The software associated with the scanner will export a .STL file which can be printed by the 3D printer.

iSense 3D Handheld Scanner for iPad

iSense hand held scanner is a portable scanner. You can check out the scanner with your ID card and an iPad. 

Instruction on how to use the scanner and tablet will be provided at check out.

To scan an object with the Sense handheld scanner:

  1. Stop by the Library's Information Desk to check out the scanner and iPad.
  2. Upload the .STL file to our Cubify account.
  3. We will email you with an estimated wait time and price.
  4. We will email you when you can come pick up your object at the Library's Information Desk. 

 isense 3d scanner